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Welcome to Living Anointed

Living Anointed was created by Stacey Kimbrell the author of the book Living Balanced. Stacey is an advocated for holistic health, wellness and chemical awareness, offering teaching, speaking, and consulting services for individuals and families helping them make educated decisions on their health. Knowledge is a powerful medicine! You can make a difference today in your own health!

Stacey has events across the United States, focusing on Toxic Chemical and their relationship to our Health and Wellness, how better health starts with making wise decisions, eating Whole Food Nutrition, natural cleanses and using Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to assist in restoring and maintain your health.

The Living Anointed Team, is composed of committed individuals that know the meaning of living and walking a healthy life style. Our goal is to make you aware of what ingredients are really in your products, learn how to be responsible for what you eat and how to take care of your body, while working towards an overall healthy body, mind, and spirit. We should "eating to live, not live to eat."

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Throughout we hope to guide you to making better decisions in your day-to-day life.

Now a days we no longer enjoy a natural whole food diet. Our meals are pre-packaged and frozen, many of which contain unnatural toxins, excitotoxins, chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, polishes, additives, coloring and carcinogens. Amazingly, our skin care products are just as bad, if not worse!! Fast food establishments are a given.

When we eat foods that are processed, over-cooked, synthetic, chemicalized, fertilized, pesticide-laden, polished, filled with additives, or coloring in any way they often disrupt our bodies' systems and create conditions of acidosis, candida (yeast) which turn into inflammation, which cause disease in the body. All of these lead to the weakening of your immune system, leaving you very vulnerable.

It has only been since July 27,2007 that I found out how we are being poisoned through our food and skin care products. I was initially shocked, disheartened, and disappointed, and still am at times. When you visit our toxin page for more information you will see that I am not exaggerating. The great part of this is now you know! All you have to do is make a conscious choice to not consume these poisons.

I wish you well on your journey to taking control of your health!
Stacey Kimbrell